it’s been a long time….

Can you believe I have not posted on this blog since February of this year!! Well, I guess I have a good excuse. On February 15, 2012 at 6:37pm a sweet 8.4 lb 21 inch baby girl was born. Charlotte Elisabeth Jones came into this world just a few days early. Since then we have been having a great time being parents. She is so much fun, and every day is a learning experience.

In other big news, I have decided to start a brand new blog. It is called “the little green chair.” You can click on the link to go there now! This blog will always be up so you can check back on older posts, but I will no longer be posting here. I am hoping to get back into it a little more, so you will find me there!

Thank you to all who have read and supported this blog for the past few years, and I hope you will join me here!


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